Tax Reform - The Final Edition: What You Really Need To Know To Help Your Clients In A Labyrinth Filled With Opportunity, Statutory Review & Short-Term/Urgent And Longer-Term Planning

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Now that we know what’s in the tax bill, it’s critically important that advisors get quickly up to speed on how their best clients will be impacted. The best way to do this is to join Bob KeeblerCPA/PFS, MST, AEP on Thursday December 21st @ 3pm ET for his special "2-for-1" LISI webinar focused on the final language in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that the House and Senate agree to. In Part 1, Bob will explore the critical aspects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. In Part 2, Bob will review how the new pass-through income taxation rules work as well as attractive estate planning opportunities. This simply is a "must see" webinar series for all practitioners. 

In this Two Part series, Bob will cover all of the following topics:

Part 1: Detailed Analysis of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

  1. Massive Changes to Drafting, Planning and the Administration of Estates Including Doubling the Gift, Estate and GST Exemption
  2. Massive Changes to the Taxation of C-Corps – An Estate Planners Perspective
  3. Massive Changes to the Taxation of Pass Thru Income, the law, the Numbers the Opportunity and the TRAPs
  4. The Complete Overhaul and Repeal of Most Itemized Deductions and Time Sensitive 2017 Year-End Planning
  5. Individual Tax Changes including SALT, Charitable, AMT, Standard Deduction and PEASE limitation
  6. Tactical and Strategic Planning for the AMT Changes
  7. The New Section 461 Fourth Loss Limitation Provision
  8. Immediate Considerations When Choosing a Fiscal Year for Estates and Trusts Including Rates and Pass-Through Issues
  9. Planning for the New FIFO Securities Rules
  10. Changes to the Tactical and Strategic Use of CRTs, CLTs, NINGs, Nongrantor Trusts and Partnerships
  11. December 31, 2017 Changes to Roth Recharacterization Provisions and Roth Conversions After Tax Reform
  12. Life Insurance After Tax Reform
  13. Reduction in the Corporate Tax Rate and Likely Strategic and Tactical Opportunities
  14. The Separation of Pass-Through  Business Income From The Traditional Ordinary Income Approach
  15. A Mathematical Comparison of C-Corp and Pass-Through Taxation After Tax Return
  16. The Adverse Impact of the Pass-Through Provisions on Trusts and Estates and Urgent Planning
  17. The Application of the Lower Pass-Through Rate to Real Estate and Planning Considerations
  18. Expansion of Both Bonus Depreciation and the Section 179 Deduction
  19. New Limitations On the Deduction for Business Interest Expense
  20. Expansion and Changes to ESBT Provisions
  21. Further Ample Coverage of New Concepts Not in Earlier Bills
  22. ACTION STEPs for CPAs
  23. ACTION STEPs for Financial Planners
  24. ACTION STEPs for Estate and Trust lawyers


Part 2: A Detailed Look at How the Rules for Qualified Business Income of Pass-Thru Entities Work & Attractive Estate Planning Opportunities

  1. A Policy Perspective – What is Congress Hoping to Achieve
  2. Impact on Estate and Trusts
  3. Understanding the Four Types of Taxpayers
  4. Taxation of Professional Practices
  5. What is a Specified Service Business?
  6. What is the Cliff Phaseout and What Strategies Exist?
  7. What is Combined Qualified Business Income?
  8. Treatment of Carryover Losses
  9. The Impact of the Pass-Thru Deduction on Prior Year Losses
  10. The Impact of Reasonable Compensation and Guaranteed Payments
  11. The Impact on Qualified REIT Income
  12. Relationship to the Net Investment Income Tax
  13. Relationship to the Interest Limitation and New Expensing and Depreciation Rules
  14. Tax Planning for Small Business Entities
  15. The Impact on Real Estate Entities
  16. Should Small Business Owners Still Create Pension and Profit Sharing Plans
  17. Should S-Corps Revoke Their S-Corp Election and Become a C-Corp
  18. Estate Planner’s Pass Thru Checklist
  19. Further Ample Coverage of New Concepts Not in Earlier Bills
  20. Estate Tax Planning After Tax Reform
  21. New GST and Dynasty Trust Planning
  22. The Mathematics of Estate Planning – Income Tax Basis Versus the Estate Tax
  23. Decanting Trusts to Add a GPA

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Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP (Distinguished) is a partner with Keebler & Associates, LLP and is a 2007 recipient of the prestigious Accredited Estate Planners (Distinguished) award from the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils. He has been named by CPA Magazine as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Practitioners in the United States and one of the Top 40 Tax Advisors to Know During a Recession. Mr. Keebler is the past Editor-in-Chief of CCH's magazine, Journal of Retirement Planning, and a member of CCH's Financial and Estate Planning Advisory Board. His practice includes family wealth transfer and preservation planning, charitable giving, retirement distribution planning, and estate administration. Mr. Keebler frequently represents clients before the National Office of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the private letter ruling process and in estate, gift and income tax examinations and appeals. In the past 20 years, he has received over 250 favorable private letter rulings including several key rulings of """"first impression."""" Mr. Keebler is nationally recognized as an expert in estate and retirement planning and works collaboratively with other experts on academic reviews and papers, and client matters. Mr. Keebler is the author of over 75 articles and columns and editor, author, or co-author of many books and treatises on wealth transfer and taxation, including the Warren, Gorham & Lamont of RIA treatise Esperti, Peterson and Keebler/Irrevocable Trusts: Analysis with Forms. Mr. Keebler is the Chair of the AICPA's Advanced Estate Planning Conference. He is a featured columnist for CCH's Taxes Magazine - """"Family Tax Planning Forum,"""" Bob is also a contributing author to the American Bar Association's The ABA Practical Guide to Estate Planning. Robert.Keebler@KeeblerandAssociates.com

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