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Paul Hood Webinar: Is YOUR Buy-Sell Agreement Up to Snuff?
Things to Remember in Buy-Sell Agreement

Plus Paul Hood: Breakfast and Buy-Sell Agreements - An 8 Part Series

This Special Limited Time Bundle Offer Includes Paul Hood's Webinar Recording:

Is YOUR Buy-Sell Agreement Up to Snuff? Things to Remember in Buy-Sell Agreements - A Special Re-Broadcast


Bonus Supplemental Tools Included In Your Registration:

  • Buy-Sell Agreement Review

  • Checklist Buy-Sell Grid

  • Interest Transfer Agreement

  • Short Chart Guide to Interest Transfer Agreement


Session 1:  Buy-Sell Building Blocks-Part 1 - 38 minutes: In his first session, Paul introduces the subject and discusses the following topics:

·       Introduction and Overview of Series
·       Definition of buy-sell agreement
·       Basics-View from 30,000 feet
·       Types of Buy-Sell Agreements
·       Purposes of buy-sell agreements
·       Advantages and Disadvantages of buy-sell agreements
·       Alternatives to Buy-Sell Agreements

Session 2:
 Buy-Sell Building Blocks-Part 2 - 47 minutes: Paul concludes his laying out the necessary building blocks of buy-sell agreements, and in his second session will cover:

·       Considerations in Agreement Form Selection
·       Due Diligence
·       Triggering Events
·       Responses to Triggering Events
·       Related and Ancillary Documents

Session 3: Vexatious Valuation - 44 minutes: 
Valuation issues lurk in all buy-sell agreements. In many ways, getting the buy-sell procedure right but not the valuation part of the agreement usually results in a failed agreement. Against that backdrop, Paul will cover:

·       Schedule A Ostrich Method
·       The follies of formula valuations
·       The clunky three Appraiser Approach
·       Valuation Process:
o   As of date
o   Standard of value
o   Premise of value
o   Level of value

Session 4: A Potpourri of Unrelated Important Topics - 53 minutes:
 In the fourth session, Paul covers these topics:

·       Funding/Related Properties
·       Disability
·       S Corporation Issues
·       Ownership Issues

Session 5: Ethical Issues in Buy-Sell Agreements - 41 minutes
: A number of ethical issues can arise in the formulation and implementation of a buy-sell agreement. These issues include:

•       Competence to do the work

•       Identification and representation of the client

•       The dangerous specter of conflicts of interest

•       The fees issue

•       Client confidentiality

Session 6: The Top 21 Errors that Practitioners Make in Buy-Sell Agreements - 61 minutes: 
In this sixth session, Paul reviews what he considers the top 21 most common errors that he sees in buy-sell agreements. Some of those errors include:

·       Failure to coordinate
·       Improper selection of type of buy-sell agreement
·       Improper selection of triggering events
·       Mismatch Between Triggering Event and Rights and Obligations that Flow from Triggering Event
·       Divorce deficiencies

Session 7 : Five Examples of Buy-Sell Agreements in Action -31 minutes: In session seven, Paul reviews five very common buy-sell agreement scenarios and suggests the drafting clauses that address specific problems and desires of the owners, including the following scenarios:

·       Scenario 1: All owners work in the business where one owner holds and controls a majority of the ownership interests
·       Scenario 2: LLC that operates a real estate rental business; equal owners are merely passive investors
·       Scenario 3: S corporation where equal owners also work in the business
·       Scenario 4: Where One Owner Holds and Controls a Majority of the Ownership Interests
·       Scenario 5: Two Equal Owners Hybrid Wait-and-See Buy-Sell Agreement

Session 8: Putting it all together -56 minutes: In this final session, Paul conducts a comprehensive review of the supplemental documents that accompany these webinars, and will review these powerful tools that all registrants will receive:

·       Hybrid buy-sell agreements
·       A buy-sell grid
·       A buy-sell agreement drafting checklist
·       A buy-sell agreement review checklist
·       A short chart guide to the interest transfer agreement

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