Bob Keebler’s Secure Act 3 Webinar Bundle:
Everything the Sophisticated Advisor Needs To Get Up To Speed Fast

Bob Keebler’s Secure Act - Limited Time Discounted Bundle of 3 Recorded Webinars plus materials with INSTANT DELIVERY

In the biggest retirement planning bill in years, Congress changed the law for life expectancy payouts to a ten-year payout.  Advisors, CPAs and lawyers will need to quickly pivot with innovative strategies for this new paradigm.  You simply cannot miss the planning opportunities or your clients will pay the price.   
In his exclusive Secure Act Bundle” Bob Keebler reviews it all and provides you with the knowledge and planning strategies that will set you apart from your competition! Act now to get Bob’s best SECURE Act planning ideas in 3 exclusive LISI Webinars:

This bundle includes the following THREE 90 minute webinars.

1: A First Look At the IRA Life Expectancy Payout Changes Under The “Secure Bill” And The Best Ideas So Far

2: IRAs to Charities and CRTs After the SECURE Act

3: The End is NEAR for Stretch IRA - How to SIMULATE the BENEFITS for your clients

In his exclusive SECURE Act bundle, Bob covers it all:

  • Understanding the change in life expectancy payouts on traditional and Roth IRAs
  • Impact of the loss of deferral and bracket compression on wealth transfer planning
  • Using CRTs to maintain deferral and bracket management - the law and the math
  • Roth conversions for better bracket management and greater wealth transfer
  • Designing IRA trusts and the terrible payout result with RMD conduit trusts - the law and the math
  •  Using  IRA trusts in low tax states to achieve state tax savings by avoiding or delaying the state taxation of the lump sum payout
  • Urgent action steps for ill and dying clients including avoiding conduit trusts and using out of state trusts.
  • Charitable strategies for the mass-affluent and the wealthy
  • Flowcharts, checklists and practical protocols to help you and your client
  • Urgent estate administration protocols for late 2019 deaths
  • Urgent protocols to avoid disasters in case of early 2020 deaths
  • The conduit trust RMD disaster and solutions – why most conduit trusts are now imprudent or worse
  • Reformations and decanting to avoid a spendthrift disaster
  • Selecting the right “heir” to receive the IRA
  • The new spousal rollover trap and disclaimer planning
  • IRD meets DNI – understanding the taxation of trusts named as IRA beneficiarie
  • Examples to explain the quantitative difference under the new law compared to the old rules
  • The mathematics of SECURE Act motivated Roth conversions for better bracket management and greater wealth transfer
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