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The Special Purpose Buy-Sell Insurance LLC

The Adviser’s Guide with Sample Forms for Implementing and Using Special Purpose Insurance LLCs in Buy-Sell Arrangements

Special purpose insurance limited liability companies (LLCs) have become increasing popular and utilized in buy-sell planning.  LLCs have been used for a long time and have only gained in popularity, with many advisors viewing them as the “go to” entity when structuring buy sell arrangements. Every state now has an LLC statute and special purpose LLCs have been increasingly used in business continuation planning and funding.

This book covers the waterfront on all of the tricky issues advisors need to master, including:

  • Transfer-For-Value issues in light of the final TFV regulations
  • Tax benefits of using a Special Purpose Buy-Sell Insurance LLC
  • Creditor protection with Special Purpose Buy-Sell Insurance LLC
  • Premium payments and allocations among the members
  • Valuing the insurance LLC membership interest upon death

Best of all, this book comes with specimen documents, including a sample operating company buy-sell agreement as well as a sample special purpose buy-sell operating agreement!

Here’s what Bob Keebler says about this book:

Leimberg’s new book, The Special Purpose Buy-Sell Insurance LLC, is a must-read resource for anyone helping clients with insurance-funded buy-sell agreements. It not only makes a strong case for using a special purpose LLC, but also provides what you’ll need to put the plan into action. I plan to keep my copy handy.

Here’s a quick look at the Table of Contents:

Introduction 1
Trusteed Cross-Purchase Agreements 3
What is a Special Purpose Buy-Sell Insurance LLC? 7
Transfer-For-Value Final Regulations – Considerations for BSILLC 10
Tax Benefits of Using a Special Purpose Buy-Sell Insurance LLC 20
Creditor Protection with Special Purpose Buy-Sell Insurance LLC 23
LLC Planning Considerations 25
Premium Payments and Allocations Amongst the Members 34
Valuing the Insurance LLC Membership Interest Upon Death 48
The Insurance LLC In Private Letter Ruling 200747002 51
Sample Operating Company Buy-Sell Agreement 55
Sample Special Purpose Buy-Sell Insurance LLC Operating Agreement 68
Appendix 82
Private Letter Ruling 7918022 83
Private Letter Ruling 9349002 85
Private Letter Ruling 9625013 98
Private Letter Ruling 200747002 107
Private Letter Ruling 201217017 117
Rev. Rul. 88-76 123
Rev. Proc. 2005-25 128
Rev. Proc. 2019-3 137
ESTATE OF CARTWRIGHT v. COMM., 183 F.3d 1034 196

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