Bob Keebler's NEW CUSTOMIZABLE POWERPOINT Advisors Can Use with Clients & Bonus Webinar Recording

Bob Keebler's NEW CUSTOMIZABLE POWERPOINT Advisors Can Use with Clients & Bonus Webinar Recording

Roth Conversions After the Tax Reform & SECURE Act” 

Upscale clients frequently look to you and your firm as the source of creative planning techniques. To help demonstrate that you’re on the leading edge with Roth Conversions after significant tax reform and the likelihood of the SECURE Act’s being enacted later this year, consider using Bob Keebler’s customizable PowerPoint deck “Roth Conversions After the Tax Reform & Secure Act.” 

Bob’s client-friendly PowerPoint deck reviews all of the important income and transfer tax issues advisors must master to be able to effectively counsel their upscale clients. It covers the waterfront on what you need to be addressing with your best clients.

 Best of all, Bob’s PowerPoint deck can be custom branded with your firm’s logo! 

Here’s a sample of what’s included:  
  • General Concepts

  • Convertible accounts

  • Non-convertible accounts

  • Who should consider a Roth Conversion?

  • Taxation of Roth IRA Conversions

  • Taxation of Roth IRA Distributions

  • Ordering rules

  • Seasoning rules

  • Penalty box rules

  • Mathematics of Roth IRA Conversions

  • Critical decision factors

  • Estate Tax Considerations

  • Secure Bill Proposed Key Changes


This Special bundle INCLUDES Unlimited Viewing of the 90 minute Webinar
presented by Bob Keebler & Stephen J. Bigge

Advanced Roth IRA Conversion Planning After the TCJA and Secure Act
A 90 Minute Webinar Recording and Deck Viewable ANYTIME On Demand

The Secure bill, pending in the Senate, changes the mathematics of wealth transfer planning for IRAs.  From an income tax standpoint, Roth conversions mitigate the negative bracket arbitrage of year ten payout.  

While many professional advisors know about the basic rules of Roth IRAs, they do not understand the economic/tax intricacies associated with them.  Unfortunately, the failure to understand the mathematical fundamentals of Roth IRAs can lead to making disastrous decisions.  However, with a strong working knowledge of the quantitative “forces” which drive successful Roth IRA conversions, professional advisors will be able to give cogent, straightforward advice to their clients.

During this session, we will discuss the following topics:

·         The Secure bill and ten year rule
·         General conversion concepts
·         Reasons to convert to a Roth IRA
·         Taxation of Roth IRA conversions
·         Taxation of Roth IRA distributions
·         Mathematics of Roth IRA conversions
·         Recharacterizations
·         Federal and State Estate tax considerations
·         “Stretch” Roth IRAs for designated beneficiaries
·         Roths for SNTs
·         Roth to fund long-term care strategies
·         Using insurance to preserve post-death “stretch-out”
·         Tax-sensitive withdrawal strategies


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