Special LISI Bundle: Bob Keebler’s 2 NEW Customizable, Client-Facing PowerPoint Decks – Income & Estate Tax Planning Strategies for 2019

Upscale clients frequently look to you and your firm as the source of creative planning techniques. To help demonstrate that you’re on the leading edge, consider using Bob Keebler’s suite of 2 PowerPoint decks!

They review all of the important income and transfer tax planning techniques sophisticated clients love to learn about. This suite of PowerPoint decks can be custom branded with your firms logo, and cover the waterfront on what you need to be addressing with clients.

Here’s a sample of what’s included:

Deck #1: Income Tax Planning Opportunities For 2019

• Bracket Management planning strategies, including avoiding big bracket “jumps,” reducing income to avoid by timing recognition events or with deductions, and the important of “filling-up” the low brackets;

• Capital gain and loss harvesting strategies, including the wash sale rules;

• The importance of developing “Tax Aware” investing strategies;

• Timing of the exercise of Non-Qualified Stock Options;

• Using oil and gas investments;

• Using Cost Segregation to reduce taxable income;

• The 4 key benefits of Charitable Remainder Trusts;

• Using 2-year installment sales to defer taxable income;

• The benefits of Roth conversions;

• Using non-qualified, tax deferred annuities to smooth income;

• Borrowing from life insurance policies;

• Using a S Corporation election to save FICA tax;

• Using “ING” Trusts to save state income tax;

• Implementing Captive Insurance Companies to grow wealth and create new income tax deductions;

• Qualified Opportunity Zone investments to eliminate gain.

Deck #2: Estate Planning Opportunities for 2019

• The power of Intra-Family Loans;

• Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts to freeze value and generate an income stream;

• Family Limited Partnerships as a tool to reduce estate valuation, shift income and provide asset protection;

• Why selling income producing assets to Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts is so compelling;

• The 4 key benefits of Charitable Remainder Trusts;

• Domestic Asset Protection Trusts to avoid creditor claims;

• How Spousal Limited Access Trusts can help with asset protection and estate tax avoidance;

• How Dynasty Trusts can transfer wealth downstream and provide creditor protection, divorce protection and spendthrift protection;

• When to recommend Trust Decanting;

• When to recommend trusts as an S Corporation shareholder;

• Advantages for naming trusts as IRA beneficiaries;

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